Chauffeured Long Term Car Rental

Our long-term car rental guarantees convenience and is cost-effective. LXV Cars Manila certifies well-maintained vehicles with high-quality performance and professionally trained drivers. We also offer monthly and yearly terms of car leasing.

Simply choose a car that will suit your needs and preferences, and we will be more than eager to arrange the rental right away.

Type of Vehicle 1 Month to 5 Months 6 Months to 1 Year More than 1 Year
Toyota Innova 2018 Php 100,000 Php 90,000 Php 80,000
Ford Everest 2016/2017 Php 110,000 Php 100,000 Php 90,000
Toyota Hiace GL Grandia 2018 Php 112,800 Php 102,800 Php 92,800
Toyota Camry 2018 Php 130,000 Php 120,000 Php 110,000
Toyota Hiace Super Grandia 2018 Php 142,000 Php 132,000 Php 122,000
Toyota Alphard 2017/2018 Php 207,200 Php 187,200 Php 167,200


What's Included Use of the car and professional driver 6 days per week, 10 hours a day. Comprehensive Insurance
What's not Included Gasoline, Toll, and Parking fees

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