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LXV CARS arranges a shuttle service for employees of corporate organizations in Manilla at competitive rates. We provide professional shuttles and excellent service to all types of businesses. Trust us to guarantee your employees travel safely and arrive to work on time every day! You can contact our reservation team on +63917 162 7737. They are available 24/7 to book the perfect minibus, van, or bus to meet the shuttle needs of all your employees.

That’s right! Apart from short-term rentals and one-and-done trips, LXV CARS offers employee shuttle services on long-term contracts. Commuter shuttles help reduce traffic and improve the productivity of your employees once they get to the office. Think about the benefits; with a commuter bus catering to them, they’ll spend less time worrying about the traffic, and more time catching up on emails while on the way to work. And if you want WiFi? We’ve got WiFi.

Whether your employees want a dependable ride to work daily or a temporary on-campus shuttle in the middle of construction, LXV CARS will be more than glad to arrange the best circuit for you. Call us today on +63917 162 7737 to speak with our long-term reservation team, and let LXV CARS provide you with a safe and efficient daily shuttle service to your office!






Toyota Hiace, Nissan NV 350, or similar vans 12 Php 6,000 CONTACT US CONTACT US
Toyota Alphard 5 Php 8,000 Php 180,000 Php 140,000/month
Hyundai H350 13 Php 7,000 Php 100,000 Php 90,000/month

* Inclusive of exclusive use of the car, professional driver, and all expenses. 10 hours of rental. Garage to garage. Metro Manila itinerary.


Toyota Hiace, Nissan NV 350, or similar vans 8 Php 110,000/month

** Inclusive of private use of the car, professional driver, 6 days rental per week, 10 hours a day. 



Employee Benefits

Commuters spend a good part of their income commuting to their workplace and back. On an average, they spend 20% of their income and at least two hours a day in commuting. Providing shuttle services would reduce the cost and make the employee transportation management experience better. Shuttles are less expensive alternatives- while they have the ability to extend mileage. For the employer, it is less expensive than cab alternates and reimbursements. In addition, the parking space rent gets reduced. It is the employer who pays for the parking facility used by the employees at the office. Providing shuttles simply mean lesser employee vehicles and hence reduced parking rents.

Introducing a company shuttle is a major attraction for prospective candidates. While looking for employment, in addition to the salary package, other points they consider are the mode of travel, distance to be traveled, timing, etc. In other words, they look at the distance of the office from their place of residence and time taken to travel. If the company provides a shuttle service, then the prospective employee can be much more relaxed about daily commute. Chances of losing a very good, talented employee get reduced in that case even if the workplace is slightly farther than expected for the prospective employee. Having a commute facility benefits the employees since it saves their money on vehicle and fuel. In addition to this, the organization becomes a ‘great’ workplace to work in- one that cares about their employees’ well-being and convenience.

Increase Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Most shuttles pick and drop employees outside major bus depots, metros, etc. There are also some shuttle services that even pick-up and drop employees right at their doorstep. Providing such a shuttle reduces the employee’s traveling stress to a great extent. They are spared from driving through the traffic, missing work and health claims and getting delayed for office due to unexpected traffic snarls. Shuttles also provide employees with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the day ahead at the office. They get a chance to relax, check their e-mails, plan the day ahead, catch up on the news and rest for a while. This preparatory stage will help them transition to the work mode much faster once at the office which may not be so otherwise.

Often, owing to the peak hour traffic, people get delayed to the office. In addition, driving through the jams, waiting at signals can drive you really crazy at times. Getting delayed at traffic junctions and missing and reaching late to office affects the work schedules and deadlines. Shuttles spare the employees from driving in traffic and make productive use of their time. Needless to say, employees using shuttle service find it easier to reach their workplace in time. This increases the enthusiasm to work among employees. There is an increased energy within the team and a well-connected sense of teamwork.

Onboard Amenities

Your employees can be productive on the road with power outlets and WiFi which are available on request. Also, your shuttle can function as a mobile workspace where employees can collaborate to share ideas, prepare for presentations, and get up-to-date industry news while they travel. Our buses have reclining seats which allow you to relax while traveling (these are also available on request).

Brand New Cars for Long Term Rental

For three years of leasing, LXV CARS offers the option to purchase and rent brand new car models. Contact us to set a meeting with our logistic officer.

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