LXV Graces Netflix Extraction 2 Release

5 Toyota Alphards - 3 Hyundai County

In a star-studded extravaganza marking the Netflix release of “Extraction 2” in the Philippines last June 4-6, LXV took center stage as the premier provider of luxury transportation. LXV together with Behind the Scenes catered to international influencers from around the globe who attended this prestigious event. What set this transportation experience apart? LXV’s dedicated drivers, who transformed into living embodiments of the movie’s action-packed world by donning incredible combat costumes.

Luxury Transportation, LXV Style

The Netflix premiere of “Extraction 2” wasn’t just another movie launch; it was a Hollywood spectacle unfolding in the heart of Manila. International influencers, including actors, producers, and prominent social media figures, gathered in the vibrant city to celebrate the film’s debut. 

To ensure that these esteemed guests traveled in unparalleled style and comfort, LXV provided a fleet of luxurious Toyota Alphards and coasters. The opulent interiors and sleek design of the Alphards added an extra layer of glamour to the event. However, LXV’s unique touch didn’t stop at luxury alone.

A Surprising Twist: Combat-Themed Drivers

What truly set LXV apart was the unexpected yet extraordinary twist they added to the experience. As guests boarded the Alphards and coasters, they were greeted by LXV’s dedicated drivers, who had transformed themselves into living embodiments of the action-packed world of “Extraction 2.” These drivers donned incredible combat costumes, complete with props and accessories, elevating the journey into a full-blown adventure. This immersive touch not only thrilled the guests but also brought the essence of the movie to life even before the screening.

This event showcases LXV’s commitment to delivering not just transportation but unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s catering to international influencers, movie premieres, or any grand event that demands multiple transport services, LXV stands ready to rise to the occasion.

LXV continues to redefine luxury in the realm of transportation, ensuring that every ride is an experience worth remembering. As the Philippines becomes a hub for international events and entertainment, LXV’s dedication to delivering opulence, innovation, and a touch of Hollywood magic promises to leave a lasting mark on every occasion.

In the world of luxury transportation, LXV is the name that combines elegance, comfort, and unexpected thrills to create unforgettable moments.