Do you want to make a grand entrance at your next event? Rent a luxurious sports car rental Manila from our fleet of exotic cars! We have everything from Ferraris to Porsches to Mustangs, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend joyride or need to make a grand impression at a wedding or exhibition, we have the perfect car for you. Learn more and book your rental today!


LXV cars give you an extraordinary experience when you ride the perfect sports car for rent in Manila. Have the most luxurious and magnificent journey while seated at ease in a stylish and jaw-dropping sports car.

Rent a Ferrari now and experience luxurious sports car for your special events, such as wedding, corporate, and exhibition needs. 

Rent a beautiful yellow Ferrari F12 now and experience luxurious sports car for your special events, such as wedding, corporate, and exhibition needs. 

Ride with our Luxurious winged Lamborghini Aventador on a magnificent city tour or a unique wedding arrival or shooting.



With years of experience providing chauffeur service and transportation in the Philippines, LXV cars pay attention to details and have passionate hospitality to create an extraordinary experience. Our team plans every detail of your travel journey before stepping foot into providing you with one of the supreme and luxurious rides during your trip with us.  

Luxury Cars Amenities


Each luxury and sports car rental Manila embodies the best brands with superb comforts, sophisticated amenities, and topmost performance. Its luxurious appearance and feel are reinforced through its elegant, allusive exterior and fine materials, and attention to detail is put into its interior design. Aside from exquisite style and innovative technologies equipped with our luxury cars, We ensure to have you accompanied by a trained chauffeur/driver to give you the best experience throughout your trip with us.

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Get noticed when you travel by one of our show-stopping luxury cars and sports car for rent!
You cannot compare a luxurious travel experience with our chauffeur-driven Ferrari 458 Italia sports car.  Whether you are with a parent, a friend, or your partner beside you, the ride will be fantastic and memorable!
Having the luxury of sitting back and relaxing whilst on the road is pretty special, allowing you to take a peek at the beautiful views while seated in your most deluxe trip brought to you by a fabulous car to take you to your magnificent destination.


Sports cars are usually rent for weddings and car shows. A Ferrari 458 will cost around Php 27,500 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours rental. Contact us for the rate of other sports cars for rent. 

All our sports cars are for chauffeur driven only. We will provide a groomed chauffeur for we are committed to providing a hassle-free travel experience.

We have a wide selection of sport cars for rent, including the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini. Whether you’re looking for a wedding car or an exhibition car, we have the perfect car for you. Book your rental today!