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Looking for an everyday transport service for your company? Worry no more because LXV Cars specially arranges van shuttle service and corporate van for rent with driver in Manila for employees of corporate organizations at competitive rates. At LXV, we provide professional employee shuttles and excellent car rental services for all types of businesses in various terms such as short-term rentals, one-and-done trips, and long-term contracts. Moreover, we put utmost priority on your employee’s travel safety and productivity so rest assured that they arrive to work secured and on time every day!

Let us know of your company or corporate shuttle service requirements and we will gladly arrange the best circuit for you. Call us today at +63917 162 7737 or email us at,  we are available 24/7 for your inquiries to book the perfect minibus, van, or bus to meet the shuttle needs of all your employees. We guarantee to provide a safe and efficient daily employee shuttle van service to your office!


Monday to Friday 8AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM


Having a hard time looking for the perfect corporate van shuttle service for your employees? Look no more because LXV Cars can provide you with the best corporate van rental with driver in Manila. Check out our listing of van shuttle for rent and contact us for reservations!


9,000 for 10 hours
  • Metro Manila Itinerary
  • Driver, Fuel, Toll & Parking Fees
  • Up to 12 passengers
  • 250 Units Available


10,000 for 10 hours
  • Metro Manila Itinerary
  • Driver, Fuel, Toll & Parking Fees
  • Up to 9 Passengers
  • 100 Units Available


18,000 for 10 hours
  • Metro Manila Itinerary
  • Driver, Fuel, Toll & Parking Fees
  • Up to 11 Passengers
  • 1 Unit Available


All our vans are DOT accredited to meet the legal requirements of our clients. 


We offer 30-days payment terms for shuttle van rental services to accredited companies. Contact us now to apply!


Each of our corporate clients are assigned a dedicated logistic account specialist to ensure daily operations and reports.


Our vans are regularly disinfected and follow strict government-mandated sanitary safety recommendations. Our drivers also undergo regular testing.



Commuters spend a good part of their income commuting to their workplace and back. On average, they spend 20% of their income and at least two hours a day commuting to work. Van shuttle for employees is a less expensive alternative for daily commute. Renting the corporate van shuttles for your employees would reduce parking rents, fare reimbursement cost, and cab alternates which will make you and your employee transportation experience better. In addition to this, the organization becomes a ‘great’ workplace to work in-one that cares about their employees’ well-being and convenience.


Most of the time, people get delayed to the office for reasons such as: peak hour traffic, waiting at signals, and hassle of public transport. Getting delayed due to these reasons and reaching the office late most certainly affects the work schedule and deadlines. Renting the van shuttle service Manila will spare your employees from stress of driving in traffic and waiting in long queues of public transport but instead make productive use of their time. They get a chance to relax, check their e-mails, plan the day, catch up on the news, and rest while on the road. This is an effective preparatory stage that will help them transition to work mode much faster once at the office.

Luxury Cars Amenities


Our cars are fully equipped with Waze navigation app, a WiFi connection, cold and warm bottles of water, a video player, phone charger, a power investor to charge your laptops, toll pass, and other needed features that will successfully accommodate your needs for a more relaxed ride.


LXV Cars is working with most ambassies and largest businesses in the Philippines for years. We thank them for their trust and we do hope to have you soon in our clientelle.

Microsoft Van Shuttle service Manila
Conduent Van Shuttle service Manila
Amazon Van Shuttle service Manila
Teleperformance Van Shuttle service Manila
Netflix Van Shuttle service Manila

And many more…


Rent Your
Car & Earn

LXV Cars is looking for additional van to rent in Manila and all over the Philippines to provide a unique and luxurious fleet of vehicles.


Our corporate van for rent Manila all-inclusive rate starts at Php7,500 for 6 hours. You may reach us at +639171627737 or Our reservations specialists can create the packages for your company depending on your service preference.

In LXV, we offer fixed rates with the most competitive price in the market. Please contact our logistics officer at +639171627737 or send us an email at to learn more. 

Yes. We allow self drive for long term contracts and rentals. Please contact our logistics officer at +639171627737 or send us an email at for more information about long-term self-drive rentals. 


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