+63 917 162 7737 Inquiries@LXVlifestyle.com
+63 917 162 7737 Inquiries@LXVlifestyle.com

Bullet-Proof Car For Rent Manila

Introducing Bullet Proof Car Rental, offering bullet-proof chaffeured SUVs in the Philippines. We are committed to meeting the increased demand for armored vehicles among VIPs, celebrities, and diplomats throughout Metro Manila. 

Our bullet-proof car rental is constructed with unique engineering. Moreover, we can secure safe transport for up to five people in luxury. Our team guarantees discreet and low-key security and risk management techniques.

All the features of our armored SUV rentals contain ballistic plates to ensure your safety.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about experiencing flat tires because we have spares

Our bullet-proof car rentals also feature radiator-armored fenders for blasts and impact bullets. The level of protection available in sedans and SUVs range from handguns to armor-piercing rounds. We can also guarantee high-level security without altering the car’s appearance.

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