LXV Group was created out of love and passion for helping other people. With our luxurious chauffeured concierge services, we want to bring our grandeur to Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. We want to combine luxury with comfort, efficiency, and reputation with our wide selection of luxurious cars — Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota Alphard, and more. 

Our team of professionals and trained chauffeurs prioritize your needs and what you deserve. Because of our burning desire to help our clients and constantly provide them with the best experience, we always make sure that we are updated with the latest trends. Subsequently, we continuously make changes to our services, improving them to match your taste. 

Book your concierge service with us. We can guarantee your comfort, safety, and security as you explore the beautiful island of the Philippines in style with our unique selection of chauffeured cars. From business trips, airport pick-ups, leisure road trips, city tours, and day trips, you can rely on us.

When we know that you’re overly satisfied with our services, we feel gratified and rewarded too. We want you to feel that you and I are a team, and your voice will always matter. Should you have concerns, inquiries, or concerns, reach out to us and our team will be more than happy to listen.