+63 917 162 7737 Inquiries@LXVlifestyle.com
+63 917 162 7737 Inquiries@LXVlifestyle.com

Rent Your Luxury Car

LXV Cars are always looking for extraordinary cars to propose to our clients. We do have a regular need for sports and prestige cars for weddings and other VIP events.


Renting your luxury Car with LXV Cars is the best way to generate incomes from your expensive toys. 


No hidden surprises or tricks under our sleeves! We will give you 60% of the sales generated from your car rental.


For maximum security, your driver will be the only person allowed to drive the car that you are providing. 

How to Proceed

1. Propose your car

Contact us and propose your car and rental price

2. Customer Marketing

We will post your car online and contact you as soon as we do have inquiry.

3. Service Completion

If validated, we will now send you all details of the guest and service.

4. Get paid

After your service, we will send you 60% of the service fee
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How much is a toyota Alphard with chauffeur in Manila?

A Toyota Alphard with a chauffeur will cost you around 1,500 Php per hour within Metro Manila all-inclusive. And From Php 1,800 per hour outside Metro Manila all inclusive.

Are the driver English Speaking?

Yes, our drivers are all fluent in English. They can also communicate easily with the clients using Google translation tools. 

What is the most luxurious car for rent in Manila?

We can provide Roll Royce and Ferrari for weddings and exhibitions. These are the most luxurious and expensive cars for rent currently in the philippines.

What are the luxury vans for rent in Manila?

We do have several luxury vans for rent in Manila. The most demanded are the Toyota Alphards with the two captain seats but we do also provide very luxury customized vans such as the Hyundai H350 or the Toyota Hiace Tourer.  

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