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Experience a luxurious and elegant chauffeured service with LXV Cars’ 2019-2022 Toyota Alphard for rent Manila. From airport transfers, to family trips, to corporate engagements, LXV Car Rentals can provide you with a VIP transport service at an all-inclusive rate. The 2019-2022 Toyota Alphard for rent can accommodate up to 5 passengers, has 2 VIP captain seats, and is equipped with a comprehensive safety system.

From Php1,700 per hour


The 2019-2022 Toyota Alphard for rent Manila is the grandest class of luxury private cabin on the road. From its premium design to its elite interior, the Toyota Alphard is a first-class experience on wheels. Its leather-clad captain seats with ottoman, on-board entertainment, and ceiling illumination sets the tone of prestige and luxury inside the Alphard. Other comfort features are the sliding power doors, tailgate, extended leg rests, and comfortable headrests.

Partnered with a very powerful engine, the 2019-2022 Toyota Alphard for rent Manila will surely take you to your destination in style. All the more, its grandeur facelift, fine materials and pleasant colours will surely welcome passengers like a VIP.

LXV Cars is the leading provider of transport service for clients who are looking for Toyota Alphard rental Manila, Philippines. Having serviced hundreds of executives, celebrities, and VIP clients in the Philippines, LXV Cars has owned the trademarks as the most in-demand luxury car rental and premium car rental service in the country with a fleet of luxury cars Manila. 



Php 8,000

  • 1 pick up or drop off location only
  • In Metro Manila Only
  • Inclusive of private car rental with driver, fuel, tolls, and parking fees. Pick-up or drop off point within Metro Manila. Up to one hour waiting time at the airport.


Php 1,700 per hour

  • Full Itinerary within Metro Manila Only
  • Minimum 6 hours rental
  • Inclusive of private car rental with driver, fuel, tolls, and parking fees. Pick-up or drop off point within Metro Manila. Up to one hour waiting time at the airport.


Php 1,700 per rental hour
Php 900 per driving hour

  • Minimum 10 hours rental
  • Inclusive of private car rental with driver, fuel, tolls, and parking fees. Pick-up or drop off point within Metro Manila. Up to one hour waiting time at the airport.
  • Garage to Garage rule, if the trip starts or end outside Metro Manila, the transportation time to Makati will be included in the trip quotation







Alphard For Rent Manila

Two Captain Seats

One of the most coveted features of the Toyota Alphard for rent Manila is its pair of comfortable, elegantly-looking VIP captain seats. This amazing feature gives passengers enough moving space and control over their seating preferences for better accessibility. This sets the standard for the Alphard as the most rented car in our fleet of luxury cars.

Tri-zone Automatic Climate Control

The Toyota Alphard for rent Manila has a tri-zone automatic climate control system that allows passengers in different parts of the vehicle to adjust the temperature and fan speed independently. This means that the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers can all set their own preferred temperature settings based on their comfort level. In addition, the climate control system features rear-seat air vents, which provide additional airflow to the rear passengers. This luxury van for rent Manila ensures that even passengers in the back of the vehicle can enjoy a comfortable temperature.

Power-sliding Doors and Power Tailgate

The Toyota Alphard’s power-sliding doors and power tailgate provide convenient and easy access to the car’s interior and cargo area. The power-sliding doors can be opened and closed using the car’s remote key fob or through the car’s infotainment system, making it easy to enter and exit the vehicle. These are designed to be quiet and smooth, ensuring that they operate smoothly and without any annoying noises. This ensures that the vehicle remains comfortable and quiet, even when the doors and tailgate are in use.


All Inclusive Rates

LXV offers an all-inclusive rates package for the Toyota Alphard rental. This means that in renting the Toyota Alphard, you will be paying for the car rental, driver, taxes, fuel, parking, and toll fees in one with no hidden charges. Our Toyota Alphard rental quotation is very transparent, detailed, and accurate so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Well Groomed Drivers

The Toyota Alphard rental Manila comes with the most professional and well-trained chauffeurs. Our uniformed English-speaking drivers are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to communicate. Renting the Toyota Alphard will provide clients with premium, exceptional service from our well-groomed drivers that will surely make your trip remarkable.



Our Toyota Alphard airport transfer all-inclusive rate starts at Php 8,000.00. You may reach us at +639171627737 or so we can provide you with a complete quotation.

Our Toyota Alphard rental Manila all-inclusive daily rate starts at Php10,000 for 6 hours. You may reach us at +639171627737 or so we can provide you with an accurate quotation for your requirements.

Please contact our logistics officer at +639171627737 or send us an email at so we can check availability of the units and send you a detailed quotation.

Yes. Our Toyota Alphard for rent comes with a professional, well-groomed driver. It is also inclusive of fuel, toll, and parking fees for we are committed to providing a hassle-free travel experience.


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