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Car For Rent Clark / Angeles

Enjoy personal travels with Clark’s luxury car rental and drive around the city with a customized and tailor-made itinerary. Explore Clark City, Pampanga with luxury rental cars such as the beautiful Toyota Alphard, sports cars, and luxury sedan for rent.

Tour around the city with premium chauffeur services with English-speaking driver and VIP airport transfers arrange for you to rent the Philippines ‘ leading luxury car. Go to your dream destination and take advantage of long-term rentals with luxury sedans, exclusive vans, and buses.

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Visit the Culinary Capital of the Philippines and rent the luxury cars and taste the delicacies Clark, Pampanga has to offer. Browse in the wide array of luxurious cars for lease and experience an elegant trip. 

Toyota Alphard New

  • Passengers: 6
  • Year: 2019 and up
  • Nber Units: 15
  • From Php 1,500 per hour


A luxurious vacation awaits in Clark, Pampanga with exclusive cars and private vans for rent. Tour around in Clark with the luxury cars and fulfill your dream vacation luxuriously with the bespoke itinerary prepared for you and your loved ones. 

Luxury Sedans for Rent Clark

Drive and lease luxury sedans and experience an elegant trip around the city of Clark. The rented sedans will give you a luxurious feel with the chauffeured drive and first-class services. 

Luxury Vans for Rent Clark

Experience riding in rented luxury vans such as the Super Grandia and the H350 for hire to have one of the best tours around the city of Clark. Rent the Toyota Alphard with a professional chauffeur or without a driver to have first-class travel in the city. 

Limousine for Rent Clark

Elegantly arrive in the city of Clark with the rented limousines and experience one of the best limousine services and chauffeured ride. 

Sports Car for Rent Clark

Drive the rented sports car on the highways of the city of Clark. Giving you the best sports cars on the market, LXV guarantees you can travel safely anywhere in the world. 

SUVs for Rent Clark

The rented SUVs let you experience first-class traveling around the city of Clark. The SUVs for hire are available with a chauffeur driver or rent the SUVs without a driver. 

BulletProof Cars for Rent Clark

Hire first-class security services and VIP transfers to experience safe travel in Clark. The VIP transfers will take you to your destination safe and sound. 

Bridal Cars For Rent Clark

A special trip awaits with the bridal cars for rent that will lead the way to your wedding day. Hire wedding cars from LXV to experience a first-class chauffeur ride to the beautiful churches of Clark City. 

Party Bus For Rent Clark

Experience a unique party around the city of Clark with the party bus for rent that is perfect for your family and friends. Lease the luxury busses for your trips and travels around the Philippines. 


Tour in the city of Clark with the VIP transfers and chauffeur services prepared for you by the leading luxury car rental in the Philippines. See your dream destination and make use of the long term rentals with the luxury sedans and exclusive busses.

Chauffeur Car Rental Service Clark Angeles

Experience a first-class drive in the chauffeur-driven luxury cars for rent. The chauffeur cars will give you the best services and bring you to the best places in Clark, Pampanga safe and sound. 

VIP Airport Shuttle Transfers Clark

Enter Clark International Airport with style and luxuriousness with the VIP transfers and airport shuttle services in the beautiful Toyota Alphard. Lease the luxury sedans and vans to drive you around the Philippines.  

Long Term Car Rental Clark

Lease the perfect monthly cars and avoid the hassle of owning a car with the corporate long-term rentals of LXV. The ideal yearly and monthly rentals of cars available with the leading luxury car marketplace in the Philippines 

Wedding Car Rental Clark 

Experience to arrive on your special day with the most luxurious bridal cars for rent. Ride the rented wedding cars and head over to the amazing churches of Clark. 

Self Drive Car Rental Clark Angeles

Hire luxury cars without a driver and experience a private journey in Clark. Self-driven cars are the best vehicles to use when traveling with your family and friends. 

VIP & Security Services Clark

Security services and VIP transfers guarantee safety and comfort for first-class travel in Clark. The convoy services will bring you to your destination safely and securely.

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