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Experience a unique tour in Tagaytay city with LXV’s rented luxury cars, premium chauffeur services, and VIP transfers. We want you to experience comfort and extravagance while riding in our unique car rentals. Explore hassle-free traveling in our long-term rental services of luxury sedans, elegant vans, and sports cars.

Choose from our Toyota Alphard, Mercedes-Benz luxury sedans, and Lincoln Town Car Limousine and travel to the beautiful city of Tagaytay with a personal chauffeur and tailor-made itinerary ready for you, your family, and friends.


Monday to Friday 8AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM


Experience your luxurious journey and lavish getaway in Tagaytay City with top-notch vans, high-end sedans, and private buses for rent. Explore the city more in class with the leading luxury car rental company in the Philippines.

Alphard leasing Manila


Toyota Alphard Tagaytay
  • 5 Passengers
  • 2018-2021 Models
  • 10 Units


Luxury Minibus Tagaytay
  • 5 Passengers
  • 2018-2021 Models
  • 1 Unit


Economy Van Tagaytay
  • 14 Passengers
  • 2018-2021 Models
  • 250 Units



LXV cars is the no. 1 luxury car and van rental in the Philippines providing you with the best premium car shuttle services. Experience an exclusive Tagaytay VIP transfer and reach the beautiful sites of the city smoothly with our skilled and dedicated drivers that plan routes ahead of time. Hire LXV’s Tagaytay rent a car service and experience a sophisticated luxury car with amenities that you can upgrade anytime to meet all of your transport needs.


Enjoy VIP tour in Tagaytay with the chauffeured driven luxury cars and shuttle services with professional drivers and rented luxury cars that will assist you during the duration of your tour.

LXV offers all-inclusive rates for our car rental services. This means you will be paying car rental, taxes, fuel, parking, and toll fees in one payment. No hidden charges or surprises to pull under our sleeves! Our Tagaytay car rental quotation is very transparent and detailed so you know exactly what  you’re paying for.

Luxury Cars Amenities


Our cars are fully equipped with Waze navigation app, a WiFi connection, cold and warm bottles of water, a video player, phone charger, a power investor to charge your laptops, toll pass, and other needed features that will successfully accommodate your needs for a more relaxed ride.

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After a long flight, take time to relax and enjoy the scenic sights of Tagaytay and reach your Tagaytay hotel with a minimum of hassle and fuss. LXV’s dedicated and knowledgeable team of chauffeurs will take you in comfort from your location to your hotel.
Book your Tagaytay rent a car shuttle service and a chauffeur today for the ultimate Tagaytay hotel transfer!


Rent Your
Car & Earn

LXV Cars is looking for additional cars to rent in Tagaytay and all over the Philippines to provide a unique and luxurious fleet of vehicles.


Yes, LXV Cars offers luxury car rental, bridal car rental, bus rental for all your occasions in the magnificent city of Tagaytay. Book with us now at +639171627737 or at inquiries@lxvlifestyle.com.

Simply send the date, itinerary, car of choice to +639171627737 or inquiries@lxvlifetyle.com, wait for your quotation, complete the payment and enjoy your car!


Luxury Van rental Philippines

Airport Transfers Tagaytay

Experience VIP airport transfers and the best airport shuttle services in the beautiful Toyota Alphard that will bring you to Baguio City in style. Rent the most luxurious sedan, van or bus to pick you at the airport for the best hotel transportation service in Baguio city. 

Brand New Car Rental Tagaytay

Explore Baguio and the nearby provinces of the Philippines in the most relaxing way possible with our brand new car rental Baguio that will take you to your desired destination. Enjoy the experience of renting a brand new car for your next leisure or business trip in Baguio and the Philippines.

Car Rental With Driver Tagaytay

Travel around Baguio city in a first-class chauffeur drive and experience a convenient ride with the chauffeur services. Choose and rent your luxury cars that will be driven by a professional chauffeur for your luxury and comfortable trip to Baguio City. 

Long Term Car Rental Tagaytay

Uncover the city of Baguio in a comfortable, cost-effective, monthly car rental service. Perfect for professionals and corporates who wants to avoid buying their luxury car fleet. LXV partners will provide you top of the line yearly and monthly car leasing services.

Party Bus Manila

Self Drive Car Rental Tagaytay

Lease the perfect car that you need for your travels around Baguio city. Experience a hassle-free ride with the self-drive cars for your trips and vacations. The luxury cars for hire can be rented without a driver for your private tours around the city. 

bridal car bouquet Manila

Bridal Car Rental Tagaytay

Arrive at your wedding with style and luxury with luxury bridal cars for rent that will bring you around the city. The wedding cars for lease has a chauffeur service that will make your ride easy and fast. 


Luxury Vans For Rent Tagaytay

Rent luxury vans and enjoy the cool breeze in Tagaytay For your first-class exploration around this cold location, drive the elegant Toyota Alphard, the rented Super Grandia, and the H350 for hire.

Luxury bus rental manila

Bus & Coaster Rental Tagaytay

Have a special party in Baguio city with the party bus for rent to experience an exclusive gathering with your friends. Explore the city with the chauffeured ride and luxury bus for hire to see Baguio in a comfortable traveling experience. 

SUV Rental Philippines

SUVs For Rent Tagaytay

How about riding in style with our luxurious SUVs as you tour around Tagaytay? Experience a first-class driving experience, making your trip one for the books! Even better, you can book your own personal chauffeur and VIP transfers as you explore Tagaytay's famous tourist spots.

Sports Car For Rent Tagaytay

Be confident as you tour around Tagaytay highways with our elegant sports cars. Experience a one-of-a-kind drive with our handpicked chauffeur exclusively for you.

pullet proof car rental

Armored Car For Rent Tagaytay

A secured journey awaits in the city of Tagaytay with bulletproof cars for lease. Our armored cars will provide you first-class security and VIP transfers so you are comfortable and at ease. 

bridal car bouquet Manila

Bridal Car For Rent Tagaytay

Drive into the beautiful city of Baguio with the rented bridal cars that will take you to the churches of the city. The wedding cars for rent will give you the best ride of your life and will provide you the best chauffeur services. 



Monday to Friday 8AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM