Cars & Vans For Rent Puerto Princesa

Experience personal travel with the luxury car rental of Puerto Princesa City and cruise around with a tailor-made itinerary. Elegantly see Puerto Princesa and sit comfortably in the stunning Toyota Alphard, sports cars, and luxury rental sedan.

Tour Puerto Princesa with our LXV cars. Experience first-class traveling. Visit the beautiful capital city of Palawan and enjoy long-term rentals of luxury sedans, special vans, and buses.

Enjoy a first-class tour in Puerto Princesa that will give you fast and easy travel all over the city. Hire and choose from a wide collection of luxury cars for your tours. 

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See the beauty of Puerto Princesa city in the luxury vans for rent, including private sedans, exclusive buses, and limousines. Experience a unique trip to Puerto Princesa with the luxury cars for hire. 

Toyota Alphard New

  • Passengers: 6
  • Year: 2019 and up
  • Nber Units: 15
  • From Php 1,500 per hour


A luxurious vacation awaits in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with exclusive cars and private vans for rent. Tour Palawan’s city capital and fulfill your dream vacation lavishly with a bespoke itinerary prepared for you. 

Luxury Sedans for Rent Puerto Princesa

Hire luxury sedans for your traveling around Puerto Princesa city to experience an elegant and comfortable trip. Choose from BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class for hire that will give you a luxurious and safe journey. 

Luxury Vans for Rent Puerto Princesa

Travel around Puerto Princesa with the Hyundai H350 or Super Grandia that will make your traveling easier and more convenient. Rent Toyota Alphard for your luxury travels in the city to experience a safe and comfortable journey. 

Limousine for Rent Puerto Princesa

Rent our limousines and experience the best services with our handpicked driver. Experience a unique getaway to Puerto Princesa. 

Sports Car for Rent Puerto Princesa

A leisure trip in the luxury sports cars for rent will give you a luxurious traveling experience around Puerto Princesa. LXV will give you the best rented exotic cars and assures your safe journey. 

SUVs for Rent Puerto Princesa

Tour Puerto Princesa with the luxury rented SUVs that will give you the most comfortable tour in the city. Our luxury SUVs will give you VIP transfer and safety tours around the city. 

Armored Cars for Rent Puerto Princesa

Hire and experience first-class security services while exploring Puerto Princesa in the most guarded way possible. The VIP transfers will bring you to your vacation safely. 

Bridal Cars For Rent Puerto Princesa

Enter the beautiful churches of Puerto Princesa with the luxury wedding cars for rent. The rented bridal cars will give a touch of sophistication to your wedding photos. 

Bus For Rent Puerto Princesa

Travel comfortably with the luxury bus for rent with first-class services and chauffeur drive. Your ride is guaranteed smooth, comfortable, and fast.


Explore the beauty of Puerto Princesa with the best chauffeur ride and VIP transfer. Book your chosen vehicle and enjoy your special trip in the long-term rentals and exclusive airport shuttle services. 

Car for Rent with Driver Puerto Princesa

Enjoy your trip by riding our chauffeur-driven luxury cars. The professional chauffeur will help you with everything that you need for you to relax. 

Airport Transfers Puerto Princesa

Steer away from the troubles of hailing a taxi or airport shuttles. Rent our Toyota Alphard and experience a VIP transfer to Puerto Princess. The airport transfer services assure your safe and comfortable journey. 

Monthly Car Rental Puerto Princesa

Lease the perfect car to experience a hassle-free vacation with LXV’s long-term corporate car rentals.

Wedding Car Rental Puerto Princesa 

Imagine arriving on your special day with the most luxurious bridal car. Ride your chosen wedding car. Drive to the beautiful churches in Puerto Princesa.

Self Drive Car Rental Puerto Princesa

Experience a private journey in our self-driven luxury cars, requiring no chauffeur. Choose from our ideal luxury cars that will let you enjoy your trip with your family. 

VIP & Security Services Palawan

The security services of LXV assure your luxury tours in the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa. The motorcade and convoy services will take you all over the island of Palawan safely. 

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